Prose Poems, Micro Poems and Epigrams


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Angels emerge from the architecture, staring at infinity in stony silence. Their  static sympathy burns the sullen sky #cathedral
He was a hollow man, wrapped in cellophane layers of pretentions and self-indulgence – crinkled, warped, transparent.#Hefner
Her mind lay open – like a drawer full of knives – sharp and steely – ready to wound. Warring with itself. Implacable.  #materObserving with black-bead eye,cursed with intelligent fury, Raven shook his blackened wings in bitter anticipation of the approach of winter/Scenting the chill sky, scratching at the empty earth, Raven dreams of pecking out the eye of carrion crow. Blinks in glassy satisfaction.#Raven
Being sprung from void, underlying intention beneath all creation, the thought behind the intention, the thought was love. #god
Beating out grudging metal – reluctant plasticity. Bloodied knuckles, eyes glow charcoal pits, teeth gnash – The Truth Blacksmith works #fight
Thoughts like a flag unfurled. New thoughts for a new world? Show your colours true, emblazoned in transparent hues. #honesty
She carried old bleached bones in a satchel. They looked pretty when flung against the azure-blue summer sky. They fell as picket fences. Her bleached bones were imbued with geometry – they could not help but fall into actual architectural shapes. She commands beautiful bone structure. #bonestructure
You left ashtrays of burned-out emotions for the lipsticked fag-ends of your conquests #philanderer
The sky breaks its porcelain / crumbles into cracks/ flaking white/ feathers into silence/ weeping all sins stainless  #first snowfall
Ashes of dead winter/ fill earth-brown eyes upturned/ splinters of ice-queen malice/ cold connivance with the open hearth #cold comfort
 The sky turned a colour we’d never seen before. It was the smog that made it so. Dreadful things may have beautiful consequences. #endofdays
She entered/ trailing midnight chiffon/ butterflied from her cracked coccoon/ translucent and synthetic/Givenchy scent of sham #false friend
 She reaches inside his makeshift tent, arm circled and clanking with metals. Woman of weaponry, she hurls heavy artillery.#seductress
We fall/ spinning our goodbyes/soon snow of time on old heads /those points of earth are whitest which are nearest heaven #getting older
Friendship, the innocent mirth of soft snow/ throwing guiltless missiles against the hard and icy judgement of the world #snowball fight
Not words but meaning is language between friends/ Silence is conversation/ sleeping at the bottom of our minds / Night calls #goodnight
Physical form predator sleek. Slitted iron-grey stare – he circles her like smoke from fire spitting ashes to life – funeral pyre of desire #loungelizard +
Imbued with language – it’s only words that I lack, Once fired, the bullet is never coming back.#misstep
He grinds the grit of grief around his soul, hoping attrition will wear it down into pearly stasis. Iridescent reflections shift on surfaces #pater
Silken touch shivers him – his case clamps  shut. Contrition snaps together the corrupted edges of a carapace. Silent  – a shell of a man #remorse
I held  you tight as you floated in that empty sea, oblivious. Under the cold stars my limbs froze to you. If I let go, my arms will snap like frozen twigs and I will sink down, slowly down below – outstretched to you. You will not see me. Your eyes study the silent, frozen stars. Your eyes wide shut in grief and disbelief. You float, staring up into the cold sky. And I must sink – no longer clutched tight around you.  From the bottom of the sea I look up, always up, to the surface where you float, oblivious. Deep down below, I hold in my mouth everything you want – I can taste it – but you cannot hear me, or I cannot speak, or you cannot understand. My words are bubbles which burst and are lost in the gulf  between you and me. I hold everything you want, down here, down here. I hold it  in my mouth. Such a waste, such a sad, sorry waste if I must swallow, if I must swallow it all down –  deep down inside me, where it will stay. My tears are invisible down here in the salty deep, but I weep for the pity of it, for the waste of what sweetness I must swallow, that you will never taste.
Sodden shirt washed up on river shore. Oblivious to rough handling by slapping water and sharp tugging stones. Discarded in wish that water wash away sin.  Faded stain on sleeve speaks guilt. Pale pink smear still tells tale of violence done – wan witness of its crimson past. Tattoo of terror. #whodunit
Look in the mirror – today is the only time you will wear today’s face. It will be carried away to tomorrow on a ripple of time, and ripples never flow back, they carry always onwards – towards the other side. #changes
  1. therockmom says:

    He gave her the cover, she left him at the altar. Skin deep their love.

  2. We surface through dreams wrapped in darkness to the light of whispered thought.

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